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Constitutional Commission: Mapping the Road to Independence 
Save the date: Wednesday 31 January 2024, 18:00 – 20:00 
Plaid Cymru’s leader will deliver a keynote address following the release of the report by The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales. The event will be chaired by CWPS-WISERD Co-Director and Commission member Dr. Anwen Elias. Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PA

WISERD Annual Conference 2024
The theme for the annual conference is ‘Aspiring to achieve a fairer society’ and the call for papers is open. The deadline for abstract submission is 9am on Friday 19 January 2024. More information.
University of South Wales, Treforest Campus, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2024


“Do the UK Public want Democratic Reform?”

Leading academic Professor Alan Renwick, Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at University College London, delivered the CWPS Annual Lecture on the prospects for democratic reform in the United Kingdom. Watch the video here. 


The new WISERD video provides a fresh introduction to WISERD, including our research networks, collaborative projects with partners and our commitment to capacity building and training. It also gives a brief insight into some of our current research and its impact for society, and our vision for the future. 


MPs hear about CWPS research on youth migration from Rural Wales

Professor Michael Woods gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee in early December on their inquiry on the Impact of Population Change in Wales. He presented findings from the Survey of Young People in Rural Wales. Read the survey report here.

Innovative approach to understanding language policy development

Dr. Elin Royles and Dr. Huw Lewis have developed a framework to analyse the factors that influence the development of language policies. Read the full article here

Insights on Corsican autonomy

Dr. Anwen Elias’s insights on Corsican autonomy were included in Nation Cymru, on 30 September. Read the full article here.

Logo Plaid Cymru, Plaid Cymru logo

‘Demands for independence’: new research explains secessionist party strategy

Demands for independence have increased across parts of Europe in the last decade, and now new research will assist understandings of what leads secessionist parties to be more ambiguous or assertive on the issue. Read the full article here.

Understanding the relationship between the economy and the Welsh language in Wales

Dr Huw Lewis highlights the need for a clearer definition of how economic and linguistic factors interact and influence each other. Read the full article here.

Voluntary Action Paradigms in Wales and Northern Ireland

Panel agree that the Welsh and Northern Irish Voluntary Sectors operate in contexts which are fundamentally different to the context in England. Read the full article here. Read the full article here.

How the Welsh language is being promoted to help migrants feel at home

A new article in The Conversation by Dr. Huw Lewis, Dr. Gwennan Higham and Dr. Mike Chick, explains how the Welsh language is being used to help to integrate refugees and asylum seekers. Read the full article here.

Papers & Podcasts

The implications of a new legal framework to protect minority rights

Dr Anwen Elias’s latest report considers the implications of a new legal framework to protect minority rights on the exercise of the right of self-determination. Read the report here.

Panel board members including Anwel Elias with Fernand de Varennes, Iñaki Irazabalbeitia and Jordi Garrell

Paper calls for spatial justice approach to address multiple crises in rural Britain

A new paper by Professor Michael Woods proposes the adoption of a spatial justice approach to understanding the multiple crises facing rural Britain and developing policy responses. Read the paper here.

Hills and trees in the Welsh Countryside.jpg Hills and trees in the Welsh Countryside

IWA podcast explores dialogue, deliberation, and democratic renewal

Dr. Anwen Elias and Dr. Jennifer Wolowic delve into the realms of dialogue, deliberation, and democratic renewal. Listen to it here

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