New IWA Podcast Explores Dialogue, Deliberation, and Democratic Renewal

Tune in to the latest IWA podcast featuring CWPS WISERD Co-director Dr. Anwen Elias and Dr. Jennifer Wolowic, Principal Lead of the Dialogue Centre at Aberystwyth University, as they delve into the realms of dialogue, deliberation, and democratic renewal.

Discover how innovative approaches to democracy are engaging citizens in shaping decisions that impact their daily lives.

This podcast is part of the “Wales: A Working Progress” series, contributing to the ongoing discourse surrounding Wales’ constitutional and democratic future.

Listen to “Wales: A Work in Progress – Episode 3: Dialogue and Democratic Renewal” here:


Dr Anwen Elias
Department of International Politics, 
Aberystwyth University

Dr. Jennifer Wolowic 

Dialogue Centre,

Aberystwyth University


Institute of Welsh Affairs