Understanding the relationship between the economy and the Welsh language in Wales

A new published blog discusses the objectives of the ARFOR Programme, which aims to understand the relationship between the economy and the Welsh language in Wales. 

In this blog, Dr Huw Lewis highlights the need for a clearer definition of how economic and linguistic factors interact and influence each other. 

The ARFOR Programme, funded by the Welsh Government, seeks to promote economic development in western counties and support the Welsh language. 

The text mentions the importance of understanding the impact of language skills on career prospects and economic performance at individual, institutional, and societal levels.

The text emphasizes the need for measures to limit negative linguistic effects of economic developments. 

It concludes that distinguishing between the language-to-economy and economy-to-language links is essential for policymakers to develop effective strategies for promoting the Welsh language while supporting economic growth.

Read it here: https://www.arsyllfa.cymru/arfor-and-the-relationship-between-the-economy-and-language-going-beyond-the-headline/


Dr Huw Lewis
Department of International Politics, 
Aberystwyth University