Dr Amy Sanders has created a series of bitesize videos aimed at practitioners that share her research on the relationship between the voluntary sector and Welsh Government in the time that is takes to have mug of tea. Mug of Research was launched as a way of sharing her research in an accessible format for any policy actors interested in the third sector or equalities.


Dr Amy Sanders ams48@aber.ac.uk

Intro to Mug of Research

The introductory video is just 3 ½ minutes long

Day 1: 

Why the Third Sector–Welsh Government Partnership is important

Day 1 is about the relationship between the third sector and Welsh Government: 

Day 2: 

Recognising the variety of third sector network structures and practices

Day 2 is about the variety of third sector network structures. 

Day 3: 

Understanding equalities representation in the Third Sector-Welsh Government Partnership

Day 3 is about equalities representation, and thinks about the kind of institutional discourses that might threaten equalities representation. 

If you have any difficulty playing this video, here is an alternative version of it.

Day 4: 

How to promote intersectionality in a structure like the Third Sector-Welsh Government Partnership

Day 4 is about how to achieve intersectionality in policymaking and overcoming the obstacles.

Day 5: 

Applying equality of opportunity to partnership processes

Day 5 is about applying equality of opportunity to Welsh Government processes.It highlights which equalities groups face structural disadvantages.

Day 6: 

How the Third Sector-Welsh Government Partnership could be improved

Day 6 revisits the Partnership between the third sector and Welsh Government to consider how it could be improved. 

Day 7:

The Future of Equalities Strategies in Wales

Day 7 gives an overview of equalities strategies and considers what this means for the future of Welsh Government’s equalities strategies. It’s also my chance to thank all the brilliant people who took part in the research.