Dr Anwen Elias shares insights on Corsican autonomy

Dr. Anwen Elias’s insights on Corsican autonomy were included in the Nation Cymru, on 30 September. 
Discussions about Corsican autonomy have been on-going for 18 months, and in a recent speech French President Emmanuel Macron once again expressed his support for a new autonomy deal. 

But Dr. Elias argues that the negotiations are difficult, and there are major challenges for getting a deal that pleases everyone. Discussions are taking place in a difficult political context, including a growing number of arson attacks on second homes. 

Read the article here: https://nation.cymru/news/macron-opens-door-for-corsican-autonomy/


Dr Anwen Elias
Department of International Politics, 
Aberystwyth University


Nation Cymru https://nation.cymru