Our research is supported by major research funding bodies including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the European Research Council, and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme. The following research projects are hosted by the centre.

Constitutional Futures

Constitutional Futures

The ‘Constitutional Futures’ project is based in Aberystwyth University and is led by Dr Anwen Elias in the Department of International Politics.

The project is experimenting with innovative creative methods – such as collage-making and photography – in order to start new conversations about governance and constitutional change in Wales and beyond. Find out more about Constitutional Futures here.

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Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data – Civic Stratification and Civil Repair

WISERD/Civil Society is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research programme funded by the ESRC. It aims to transform our understanding of how civil society is affected by forms of civil exclusion and expansion, civic loss and gain, and the potential for civil society organisations to play a key role in civil repair. Through the production of new empirical evidence and analysis, the programme will address many of the new challenges facing society, such as social and economic inequality, political polarisation and disengagement, migration and multiculturalism, the changing dynamics of work and the gig economy, and the impact of new technological innovations. For more information, see: https://wiserd.ac.uk/civil-society-civic-stratification-and-civil-repair/ 

CWPS researchers are leading on specific research projects in the following areas: 

Everyday Politics of Independence 

European Commission - Horizon 2020
Eurpoean Union funding for Research & Innovation


IMAJINE was a research project led by researchers at CWPS investigating patterns of territorial inequalities in Europe, how these are reflected in public perceptions, migration flows and in the political mobilisation of regional autonomy movements, and what policy can do to promote ‘spatial justice’. The 5-year project was funded as part of the EU Horizon 2020 Programme and involves collaboration with 15 partners across Europe. Find out more about IMAJINE here.

CWPS researchers are leading on specific research projects in the following areas:

In this Interview, Professor Michael Woods discusses IMAJINE, the 15 partners across Europe, and the spatial justice framework used to examine territorial inequalities in Europe and the impact of European Union cohesion policies.