Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have re-ignited or prompted new debates about how political authority is organised within, and across different parts of, the UK.

Whilst decisions about the territorial organisation of political authority have far-reaching policy implications for the everyday lives or ordinary citizens, there are few opportunities for citizens to think about, and contribute to, debates about the UK’s territorial constitution.

This project aims to start new conversations about how we should be governed, as the basis for imagining different constitutional futures. It explores innovative ways of engaging citizens in discussions about territorial governance that affect them but rarely include them.

There are different strands to this work:

Creative conversations about constitutional futures – we have been experimenting with collage-making and photography as a way of getting people to reflect on people in discussions about governance and constitutional change.

Informing the work of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales – we have drawn on international good practice to feed into the design of the Commission’s citizen engagement strategy: