Theme Leader: Elin Royles (

The Language, Culture and Identities theme is concerned with the relationship between language and identity in Wales, and the central position of the Welsh language in the social and political life of Wales. Drawing together multi-disciplinary perspectives, the theme examines questions around the politics of the Welsh language; the development and implementation of language policy and planning; the geography of the Welsh language; and Welsh language, culture and identity in education, citizenship and everyday life in Wales. To position Wales in a broader context, members of the theme are also active in researching bilingual societies and the politics of minority nations and languages in other parts of the world.

The theme contributes to the work of the WISERD Language, Culture and Identity Network 

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Education, Language and Identity – WISERD/Civil Society Work Package 2.3 (2016-2019, ESRC)

Revitalise is an AHRC funded network, coordinated by scholars at Aberystwyth University and the University of Edinburgh, that aims to examine the implications of current patterns of social change for our understanding of how efforts to promote the prospects of regional and minority languages should be designed and implemented. The network brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of academic researchers, spanning the arts, humanities and social sciences, along with a number of prominent language policy practitioners.  For the latest updates on the network’s activities follow @_revitalise on Twitter or visit the website