Theme Leader: Lucy Taylor (

This research theme explores the ways in which Wales is positioned: in time, in space, in representation and in the global context. It draws together academics working in Arts and Humanities, as well as Social Sciences, and aims to promote innovative, interdisciplinary research. As such, the theme spans a range of different approaches, from archival study to creative expression and encompasses the study of material conditions, practices and theory.

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Migrants, Minorities and Engagement in Local Civil Society – WISERD/Civil Society Work Package 1.3 (2016-2018, ESRC)

Redefining Local Civil Society in an Age of Global Connectivity – WISERD/Civil Society Work Package 1.2 (2016-2018, ESRC) [Hyperlink to: ]


Lucy Taylor – Dynamics of colonialism in Welsh Patagonia (English) –

Lucy Taylor You Tube vid Dynamics of colonialism in Welsh Patagonia (Welsh)

Lucy Taylor speaking about the Welsh in Patagonia at the National Eisteddfod, 2015

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