Global Connections

Theme Leader: Lucy Taylor (

The politics and society of Wales are deeply entangled in relations with other parts of Britain and Europe and the rest of the world. The Global Connections theme aims to explore these connections, investigating how Wales compares with similar nations and regions, how it is influenced by transnational networks and processes, and how Wales has made its mark on other parts of the world. Areas of interest include the impacts of globalization on Wales, international migration to and from Wales, the engagement of Welsh individuals and organizations in global civil society, Welsh involvement in colonialism and the Welsh diaspora in regions such as Patagonia, and the tradition of internationalism in Welsh political society.

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Lucy Taylor – Dynamics of colonialism in Welsh Patagonia (English) –

Lucy Taylor You Tube vid Dynamics of colonialism in Welsh Patagonia (Welsh)

Lucy Taylor speaking about the Welsh in Patagonia at the National Eisteddfod, 2015

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