Welsh Baccalaureate Packs for teachers – Wales, Europe & the World

Two Welsh Baccalaureate Packs for teachers have been produced in Welsh and English These packs are organised around different themes, each of which examines the place of Wales in Europe and in the world in a lively and exciting manner. Each theme incorporates a range of resources (lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, and activities) that have been prepared by experts in their fields. The packs also allow students to develop the Key Skills (communication, information technology, application of number, working with others, problem solving, improving own learning and performance) that are central to the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. All packs contain a CD with all materials in both Welsh and English.

The packs are available to download here:

Welsh Baccalaureate Pack 1 – English 

The Welsh Baccalaureate Pack 1 contains sections on:

  • Understanding Democracy
  • The National Assembly for Wales
  • The European Union
  • The Welsh Language in Contemporary Wales




Welsh Baccalaureate Pack 2 – English 


The Welsh Baccalaureate Pack 2 contains sections on:

  • Political Representation
  • Global Poverty
  • Sustainability
  • Welsh Heritage and Culture