Briefing Report

Workshop Briefing Report Evaluation, Impact and Outcomes: What does it mean for us?

We have published a briefing report on ‘Evaluation Impact and Outcomes: What does it mean for us?’ that reports on the deliberations of workshops jointly organised by the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) ESRC-funded Civil Society Research Centre and the Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services (CWVYS). The aim of the two workshops organised in May was to re-start a Welsh national discussion about the evaluation, impact and outcomes of youth work in Wales. Thanks to all that attended the workshops from the sector for their input.


Other Resources

Presentation by Professor Rhys Jones of Aberystwyth University ‘Better Evaluation’

Presentation by Bethia McNeil, Centre for Youth Impact Director Centre for Youth Impact May 2018 – CWVYS presentation